PHSS - in partnership with drone specialists UAV 365 - are bringing best in class expertise and skills to sites across the world through remote 24/7, 365 Health & Safety Support enabled by local drone deployment and piloting.

In preparing for a return to work, many organisations are implementing changes to their working practises while also dealing with a fluctuating or reduced workforce.

Drone technology - in internal or external environments - can reduce personnel contact, reduce demands on site personnel and reduce the need for travel.

The gathered data can be shared via cloud based platforms to allow remote inspection and survey by team members as they work from home.

Key opportunities presented by drone technology include:

  • Capture site data by drone and share with remote working team
  • Carry out inspections with zero contact. Drone pilot and spotter can operate remotely without personnel contact.
  • Reduced contact inspection - carry out video inspections, internal or external, and share data between team members without the need for personnel risk or travel.
  • Internal inspection of distancing protocols - plan view of shopfloor layout or warehouse.
  • Capture up to date and accurate visual 3D models of internal or external site layouts. Use the data to create social distancing and site routing solutions.

To discuss the use of Drone Technology in more detail, contact us on 01698 533 633 or email