With falls from height still one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and injuries - accounting for 29 fatalities in 2019/2020* - and with businesses facing record fines for failing to keep workers safe, leaders and managers need to ensure they are able to control and manage their work at height risks.


Falls from height remains the biggest cause of life-changing injuries and death at work.(1)

In 2019/20, 29 people in the UK left home for work and never returned following a fall from height.(1)

Over the last five years almost 29,000 people reported a fall from height injury.(3)

Over the last five years the cost of people falling from height is estimated at £800,000,000 with many people needing lifelong care.(4)

Since 2014 in the UK nearly 200 people have died falling from height.(5)

Work at Height Pack

As a result, PHSS have developed a comprehensive Work at Height Pack to support organisations in controlling their work at height risks. The PHSS Work at Height Pack consists of the following key documents:

- Work at Height Policy
- Work at Height Process Map
- Work at Height Checklist (Corporate-Wide)
- Work at Height Procedures
- Work at Height Register
- Work at Height Checklist (Site)
- Contractor Approval
- Contractor Monitoring
- Equipment Checklists
- Work at Height Permit
- Work at Height Inspection
- Work at Height Competences
- Work at Height Risk Assessment / Rescue Plan
- Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) Development Pack
- Work at Height Job Close Out.

To discuss our Work at Height Pack in more detail, contact us on 01698 533 633 or email info@projecthss.co.uk

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